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22 Jul 2019
Can you Paint Pressure-Treated Wood

How to Paint Pressure-Treated Wood

Painting Guidelines to Keep Your Fence Looking Fresh! Not long ago we shared some best practices for wood fence protection and outlined the steps for proper […]

09 Jul 2019
security fence for a commercial property

Best Options for a Security Fence on Commercial Property

What Fences Are Best When It Comes to Security? When it comes to security fencing for a commercial property, there are a lot of factors to consider. […]

17 Jun 2019
how to care for wood fencing

How to Care for Wooden Fences

Best Practices for Wood Fence Protection During the Summer Summers in New England are hot and humid. Combined with the amount of rainfall that typically occurs […]

31 May 2019
choose ideal fence for your dog

How to Choose the Ideal Fence for Your Dog

4 Things to Consider When Selecting Fencing for Your Dog Few things make dogs happier than the ability to freely roam their own yard. There are […]

22 May 2019
Vinyl Fence New England

Why Vinyl Fence is the Most Popular Choice for the New England Climate

5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Fence for a Coastal Area When most people hear “vinyl fence” they envision shiny, white, plastic-based pickets and panels. For many […]

24 Apr 2019
5 factors shopping for fence

5 Factors to Consider Before Shopping for a Fence

A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Choose the Best Fence for Your Needs Having a fence around your property provides security and increases your property’s value. […]

05 Apr 2019
homeowners FAQs fencing

Homeowners FAQs for Fencing: You Ask, We Answer

We answered some of the most frequently asked questions from customers shopping for fences! Read our homeowners FAQs for fencing to select the right fence.

20 Mar 2019

Why a Physical Fence Is Better Than an Invisible Fence

Choosing a fence for your dog? Find out why a physical fence is better than an invisible fence and learn what dangers pet-owners can face when installing invisible fences.