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Adding new life to an old fence with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

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Replace any rotted fence posts before winter arrives so your fence will remain strong and stable through the season!

How to Repair a Sagging Fence Gate

Follow these steps and a sagging fence gate can be restored to its former swing and snap

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Don’t wait until spring to fix that sagging gate! Act now to save time and money. This Old House shares DIY advice for upright and stable fence gate repair.

Getting Your Fencing Ready for Winter 

It’s time to repair the fencing in the allotment and garden ready for the winter weather

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Don’t sit back and wait until spring to make repairs on your fence: By being proactive before winter arrives you can save time and money – replacing one panel or post instead of five, which could be the case once winter has had its way!

21 Simple Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday

Really, you should do these all the time.

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Good ideas for the day and season, but to keep momentum going (and turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers) there are many other important steps to take. Read this, and contact us to develop a strategy to increase sales and grow your business year’ ’round.

Green Industry Stories: Paul Brown of Sudbury Cedar Fence Co.

Sudbury Cedar

“Green Industry Stories” is our series featuring the work and stories of green industry insiders. Learn more about your potential backyard collaborators while getting tips and advice to grow your own business.

From Furniture to Fence

Paul Brown’s journey to fence began in the classroom. He was teaching woodworking to special education students in Sudbury and one of their projects was crafting cedar wood furniture. When a neighbor asked Paul if he could repair their wood fence, he was happy to put his skills to work. It wasn’t long before he transitioned from his teaching job to start Sudbury Cedar, a company that combined his love of making furniture and his budding skills as a fence installer. (more…)

The History and Meaning of Fences

The origin of the word “fence” comes in the XIV Century with the word fens, a short term for defense, protection. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a structure serving as a barrier, boundary or enclosure, usually made of posts or stakes joined together by boards, wire, or rails. It surrounds, separates, keeps away, it defends.”


The history of civilization is closely tied with the history of fences. It emerged from the notions of agriculture, family and property. Fences helped institutionalize the collective recognition of private property as a visual and open declaration of intention, a commitment to the land, a proprietor’s self-regard and responsibility.

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Who were the first to use a fence? Find out and learn more in this short summary of our Beautiful Borders’ history.

8 Landscape Design Tips for a Beautiful Garden

The following design secrets will help you create a more effective and enticing garden. All explained step by step for you to be able to impress your friends and family (even more then you already are doing).

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No matter if you consider yourself as a garden expert, or are new to gardening, these secret design tips can help taking your garden to the next level.

How to prepare the garden for autumn and winter

The end of summer brings with it a number of jobs to do in the garden, and on the outside of the house, to prepare it for the cold, and possibly wet and windy, weather of autumn and winter. By doing these preparations you can relax knowing that your garden, its contents and the house exterior is set up to cope with the wild, and often unpredictable, weather ahead.


Use our checklist to help you plan and preserve your garden in advance of the seasons and know which tools and materials to stock up on.

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The end of summer comes with several garden jobs, as well as jobs inside of the house, to ensure you’re prepared for the weather that is coming. 

Here are 10 tips to help you plan and preserve your garden in advance of the seasons and know which tools and materials to stock up on.

Understanding Wood Grade and Fence Quality

wood grade

For natural beauty on a budget, wood fence can’t be beat. It remains a popular choice for cost-effective, earth-friendly fencing that will blend into virtually any environment. But like any natural material, lumber’s appearance is variable, and no two boards will be the same. At AVO we rely on a system of wood grades that creates standards to ensure that the structural integrity and appearance aligns with the intended use of the product.

Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, understanding wood grade and fence quality can help you strategically plan and design a fence that better meets your aesthetic standards and budget.

Read on to learn what different wood grades mean and how you can use multiple grades to save money without scrimping on appearance or quality: (more…)

The Most Common Fence Installation Questions Answered

There are a number of different fence types, and different fences often serve different purposes once installed. Whether you are installing a fence yourself or hiring a contractor to do the installation for you, it’s common to have questions about the installation procedure.

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Do you need to consult your neighbors, and how deep should your fence posts really be? Whether you are installing a fence yourself or hiring a contractor to do the installation for you, it’s common to have questions about the installation procedure.

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