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180° 3-way adjustable hinge

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3-way adjustable hot-dip galvanized 180° hinge. Depth and spacing between gate and post are adjustable after installation. The welding parts are available in black steel or zinc plated.

  • 180° opening and closing angle
  • Eyebolt, bolt & nut, hot-dip galvanised
  • U-shaped ear plate and groove plate in black steel or zinc plated to weld on
  • Available in 4 sizes: M12, M16 – M18 – M20 – M22
  • Packed per 50 pieces or per pair

Additional information


Black steel welding parts, Welding parts Zinc Plated

Packing Info

GBMU4D – Packed in bags of 2 pcs, GBMU4D – Packed in boxes of 50 pcs


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