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180° Bolt-on 4D adjustable hinge

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This 180° hinge can be installed quickly without any welding. The BOLTON-HD-4D offers the same advantages as the Locinox GBMU hinge-line: vandal protection; a lot of adjustability (height, depth, and gap between gate and post); one part fits left or right handed gates. BOLTONHD-4D is available in M12 and M16, and always in 2 versions: one with Quick-Fix on both sides and one with Quick-Fix on the post, and on gate side a bolt through fixing for gate frames from 1.6″ to 2.4″.

  • Easy to fix with Quick-Fix or bolt through fixing
  • Vandal-proof eyebolt & crossbolt
  • 180° opening
  • Eliminates the need to stock left and right swinging gates
  • 9/16″ adjustable in height
  • 1″ adjustable in depth
  • U clamp and GRIP in aluminum
  • Hot-dip galvanized eyebolt and crossbolt
  • Max width of the gate: 6-1/2 ft

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