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Built-in Electro-Magnetic Lock For Swing Gates

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Clean lines and security are assured with this magnetic lock’s installation. It’s installed right into the latching post. Our patented Quick-Fix fasteners and powder coating means it will hold up to the most extreme weather conditions. The rubber bumpers prevent shaking or damage to the gate and its hardware in case of harsh handling. The flexible assembly of the armature plate guarantees a solid latch connection even if the gate isn’t perfectly aligned.

* Guaranteed holding force tested on every magnetic lock
* Minimal pulling force: 2500N (600 lbs)
* 500h salt spray resistant! SGS Certified (ISO 9227)
* Special two-layer protective coating developed for outdoor use
* Anti-residual magnetism kick-off system
* Current: 460mA / 12V or 230mA / 24V

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RAL 9005, Silver


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