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Electric strike for mortise locks

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Electric strike for swing gates using our Hybrid Mortise locks. The strike is equipped with a double blocking system which supports 1000 lb pulling force. This keep is extremely strong and the ideal solution for your access control installations. The electric strike is available in a Fail Secure or Fail Safe model. Latch gap: 1”. SEH is available in two versions: E (Emissa – Fail Close) and R (Ruptura – Fail Open).

  • Type SEH.E: Emissa – Fail Close
  • Type SEH.R: Ruptura – Fail Open
  • Easy left or right hand changing
  • For profiles 2″ and larger
  • Voltage: 12V AC/DC
  • Current Emissa: 1A
  • Current Ruptura: 1.5A
  • Water resistant & weatherproof
  • Pressure resistance on self-latching bolt: 1000 lbs

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