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Heavy duty 180° hydraulic gate closer and hinge for gates up to 330 lbs

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Sleek and powerful self-closing hinge for 180° gate situations. The Mammoth is perfectly fit for gates up to 330 lbs. It is equipped with a double bearing for exceptional functionality. An Active Thermal System guarantees a constant closing speed, unaffected by weather conditions. The Dino hinge is included.

* 180° self-closing double bearing hinge with adjustable closing speed and final snap
* Robust yet stylish design with high quality components
* Weatherproof aluminum housing designed for exterior use
* Consistent closing speed thanks to patented hydraulic damping
* ADA compliant (< 5 lbs; max 16 Nm) from gate widths of 3ft. or more * Vandal and tamper proof * For left and right opening gates * Fast and easy installation with Quick-Fix * Installation gap 9/16 min up to 1-3/8" max (ornamental); 3/4" adjustability in height

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RAL 9005, Silver


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