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Invisible, built-in hydraulic gate closer

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The invisible Interio gate closer, with matching hinge set, is completely built into the gate frame. This highly aesthetic solution opens and closes the gate comfortably. The integrated pretension ensures an efficient and flawless installation where speed and final snap can be adjusted accurately to fit any need.

* Built-in, self-closing hinge up to 125° with adjustable closing speed and final snap
* Powder coated aluminum housing
* Closing speed unaffected by humidity and temperature changes
* Vandal and tamper proof
* For left and right handed gates
* For square gate frames frames of: 2” (for frame thickness of 0.125 inch or less), 2-1/4”, and 2-1/2” (for frame thickness of 0.125 inch or more)
* Fast and easy attachment with Quick-Fix bolts
* Optional sets available for ground and wall installation
* Recommended with Gatestop
* ADA compliant (< 5 lbs; max 20 Nm) from gate widths of 3ft. or more


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