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Modular (electro)mechanical control unit for turnstiles

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The Locinox (electro)mechanical control unit (3-arm 120° or 4-arm 90°) allows you to easily create a maintenance free and high quality turnstile. You can match the design of your turnstile to the design of your fencing! The Turnitec mechanism is applicable to any turnstile and a quick installation is guaranteed. Thanks to the 100% modular design you can adapt the mechanism to your customers’ desires. A comfortable and safe operation is guaranteed by the optional damping system that is unaffected by temperature changes.

* 100% modular system: composition according customers’ desires and expandable at any moment
* Available for 3-arm (120°) and 4-arm (90°) turnstile
* Optional interchangeable left/right mechanical or electromechanical modules (Fail Open or Fail Close)
* Automatic return to starting position (by means of industrial pressure springs) after every passage
* Anti-passback security (locking after a 60° or 45° rotation): prevents the simultaneous passing of 2 persons
* Very robust implementation and strong connection with the turnstile by a 1-3/8″ diameter spline axle (length 12-3/4″)
* Manufactured completely in stainless parts (stainless steel and aluminum)
* Optional welding plate in black or stainless steel enables an easy mounting on every turnstile
* Optional damping system guarantees smooth and gradual movements. Damping is continuous and unaffected by temperature changes (patented system)
* Possible to set signal duration
* IP55 housing protects the mechanism against water, dirt, wind, dust and vermin

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FC1, FO1


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