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Set With N-Line Mag Profile MAGMAG3000

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Set with N-LINE MAG profile and 2x MAGMAG3000 and 3006PULL handle. 3006PULL handle is included to finish your gate. Aesthetic solution which prevents passersby to stumble against the parts of the magnetic lock.

* Adjustable aluminum design profile to mount above, below and in between the magnets
* Profile lengh: 78-3/4″
* Delivered with self drilling screws, compatible with Quick-Fix
* 2 plastic cover caps and 6 in-between caps included
* Aluminum 3006PULL handle included
* Delivered with 2x MAGMAG3000
* Voltage: 12V / 24V DC
* Current: 500mA / 12V or 360mA / 24V


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