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Surface Mounted Electric Gate Lock With Fail Open Functionality

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Electrical lock with aluminum housing and stainless steel mechanism. The lock functions as a “buzz in – buzz out” device and connects to any 12 Volt control system. The handles are blocked when the lock is powered. The dead bolt is used to override the control system and secure the gate. The latch and dead bolt have 3/4″ continuous adjustment to allow perfect latching / locking of the mechanism. A stainless steel throw of 7/8″ guarantees secure locking. Ships standard with the round knob handle set. The latch gap required is keep dependent, but the standard and security keeps require a 1-1/4″ latch gap.

* ISO 9227 KTL / E-coated lock box withstands 1000 hours of salt spray test
* Fail Open: Lock is open when power is interrupted
* Blocking or releasing of the handles
* Easy left or right changing of the self-latching daybolt
* Throw of the dead bolt, 7/8″ in 1 turn of the key
* Key-operated self-latching bolt, allows Free Exit application
* Continuous adjustment of the daybolt up to 3/8″ without removing the lock box
* 4-hole mounting with two hex head socket screws
* Interchangeable with all Locinox locks
* Voltage: 12V AC/DC
* Current: 0.3A

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Profile Dimensions

3030 – Profile 1-1/4” to 1-3/8”, 4040 – Profile 1-1/2” to 1-3/4”


RAL 9005, Silver


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