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Surface Mounted Electromagnetic Lock Without Integrated Handles

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Screw-on magnetic lock without handle. Available in 2 versions. MAGMAG3000 with 660 lbs and MAGMAG5000 with 1200 lbs of pulling force. The aluminum powder coated housing equipped with the unique Quick-Fix fixations ensures a fast and nicely finished mounting. Eliminate time-consuming welding; drilling 5 holes is enough to fix the lock. A two-layer, protective coating guarantees that our electromagnetic locks are ready for years of worry free use outside.

* 500h salt spray resistant! SGS Certified (ISO 9227)
* Special two-layer protective coating developed for outdoor use
* SGS Certified
* Weatherproof aluminum housing designed for exterior use
* Anti-residual magnetism kick-off system
* Raised edge on the magnet housing makes it impossible to put a crowbar between the magnet and the armature plate
* Fail open
* Fast and easy fixing by means of 5 holes with Quick-Fix
* Current MAGMAG3000: 500 mA / 12 V or 250 mA / 24 V
* Current MAGMAG5000: 460 mA / 12 V or 230 mA / 24 V
* Voltage: 12V / 24V DC
* MAG3000: Minimal pulling force: 3000N (660 lbs)
* MAG5000: Minimal pulling force: 5000N (1200 lbs)
* Guaranteed holding force tested on every magnetic lock

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RAL 9005, Silver


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