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Swimming Pool Gate Lock

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The TWIST40 swimming pool gate lock has a stainless steel mechanism and black PA and powder coated aluminum housing. Installs into the gate upright at the top of the gate. The TWIST40 opens with a “press and twist” action which prevents the access to the pool for small children. The unique rollerbolt reduces latch resistance allowing the gate to close easier. This lock conforms to the European swimming pool standard NF P90-306. For gate profiles of 1-1/2″ only. 16 Ga tube only.

* Stainless steel lock mechanism
* Stainless steel rollerbolt: Reduces latch resistance and allows the gate close easier
* We strongly advise you to read the swimming pool standard NF P90-306 before manufacturing any swimming pool gate
* For 1-1/2″ gate profiles only

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GCA – Keyed alike type A, VCA – Keyed to differ


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