Cedar Lumber

Cedar Lumber

Natural and Versatile Wood for Organic Gardens, Beehives & More

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Cedar is a durable, naturally decay-resistant wood that survives the Boston climate up to 5 times better than other tree species. Cedar is an environmentally-friendly choice because it is sustainably grown and it’s natural oils resist insects and decay (thereby avoiding the need for any toxic chemical treatment).

Cedar lumber is the best choice for any backyard project that requires durable, low-maintenance, chemically-free wood: organic gardening, raised garden beds, compost bins, beehives  and more.

We specialize in Northern White Cedar at affordable prices. Our inventory includes pre-cut cedar for fencing, and an array of dimensional lumber suitable for many outdoor and indoor projects. We buy direct and pass the savings  onto you.

Not just your local fence company, AVO carries one of the largest inventories of cedar lumber in the Northeast.

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