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Cedar Lumber

Cedar Lumber For Organic Gardens, Outdoor Showers & More

We carry one of the largest inventories of cedar lumber in the Northeast

AVO is one of the only local suppliers of cedar lumber in Southeastern MA. We specialize in quality Northern White Cedar at affordable prices. Our inventory includes an array of options for wood grade, thickness, and type of cut. Don’t be intimated by buying your lumber directly from the source; you’ll have more options to choose from while saving money. We provide all of the basic information you need to confidently navigate our lumber yard! View cedar lumber  products in our catalog.

Why Use Cedar Lumber?

Cedar lumber is a great choice, particularly for the New England climate. Its strength and durability, combined with its own natural oils, means that your cedar wood structure can stand straight and tall and remain beautiful through many seasons.

Cedar is a durable, decay-resistant wood that endures our northern climate better than any other species – up to 5 times better. Because cedar’s natural oils resist decay, toxic treatment is not necessary. Cedar lumber is an environmentally-friendly choice suitable for organic gardening, raised beds, cedar-lined compost bins, outdoor showers, beehives and any backyard project that requires durable, untreated wood.

Advantages of Cedar Lumber

  • Rot resistant
  • Pest resistant
  • No need to stain or paint
  • Weathers to a gray naturally

Cedar Products & Projects

You may be surprised how versatile and beautiful cedar wood fencing, gates and outdoor structures can be. Take a look at some of our projects, then give us a call. All of our cedar lumber can be fabricated to suit many different styles and sizes.

Cedar Products for Every Project, Indoors & Out

  • Decking Projects
  • Fencing & Gates
  • Organic gardening (raised beds, greenhouse frames, garden sheds)
  • Decorations
  • Natural Cedar posts
  • Trellises & Pergolas
  • Landscaping
  • Shiplap and Tongue-in-Groove projects
  • Tree houses, tool sheds, and other outbuildings
  • Cedar chests
  • Cedar closets
  • Cedar chairs
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Decking material
View cedar lumber  products in our catalog.

Cedar Lumber Selection

When you buy your cedar lumber directly from us, you have a lot more hardwood options to choose from, and you save money in the process. It’s important to know that the terminology and pricing is different from what you would find at a big box store, so we’ve outlined what you can expect to see here:


Board Thickness

Hardwood thickness is measured in quarters, not inches, when you buy direct from the manufacturer. A 1-inch thick board is written as 4/4 (stated as “four quarter”), a 2-inch board is written as 8/4 (stated as “eight-quarter”). Our lumber can also be found in less common thicknesses like 5/4, 6/4, 12/4, and 16/4.


Board Feet Volume

Wood from the manufacturer is sold by volume which is measured in “board feet”. This makes it easier to determine pricing across hardwoods that are cut at various lengths, widths and thicknesses. The basic formula is length (in inches) x width (in feet) x thickness (in inches) / 12 = 1 Board Foot (BF).


Wood Grade

Your wood grade selection will depend on the type of project you are doing. For a general DIY project, you could get away with “cabinet grade” #1 or #2 Common and save a lot of money. If you are building furniture or installing molding, you’ll want to a higher grade of wood.

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