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Fence Design Ideas for Contractors, Landscapers, Pool Installers

Have you been on a landscaping or home remodeling project and had clients asking you if you can install fence? Look no further than AVO for the best resources, and education for “non-fence” contractors looking to add on to the services they can offer. We are your partner in fence for professional grade, high quality supplies and customized materials that will “wow” your clients.

From shop yard to backyard, AVO Fence & Supply is dedicated to ensuring that fence and non-fence contractors, including landscapers, pool installers, general, and IYO (Install-Your-Own) customers all have the resources they need to successfully complete a project. Here we present a number of suggestions and tools to design the perfect project.

Your Partner in Planning: AVO Fence Consultants

Take advantage of our in-shop expertise! Many of our AVO Fence consultants have more than a decade of experience with us, and are available to discuss the finer points of fence designs and share install tips that will make for better backyards and happy clients.

Unlike most fence companies, AVO does NOT install fencing, so we don’t compete with you, our partners. Instead, we heavily market to homeowners and pass all our consumer leads to our approved partners. Contact us to become an AVO-approved contractor.

[info_box title=”” image=”” animate=””]Excellence. Quality. Craftsmanship. Homeowners trust us to refer them to the best local contractors. Apply today to become an AVO-approved contractor. We heavily market to homeowners and pass all our consumer leads to our approved partners. Click here to learn more![/info_box]

Ready to Build: Take Advantage of AVO CADdetails

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Fence Design

free fence designs, privacy fencing

Never worked with vinyl before? Wondering where to begin with lattice panels? We offer design files in multiple formats across all materials we offer. Show off what is possible to your clients!

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Arbors & Pergola Design

Cedar and Vinyl Arbors and Pergolas

Got a client who wants to make their yard stand out? Cedar and Vinyl Arbors and Pergolas add dimension and beauty to backyard patios, pools, and gardens. Download design files for some of our most popular custom designs.

Get arbor and pergola design files


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Perimeter Gate Design

Sudbury Cedar, side yard, garden, or driveway entrance, perimeter gate design free

Looking to create a strong focal point for a client’s patio, side yard, garden, or driveway entrance? Download design files for some of our most commonly requested gates. We will customize any materials to fit to your fence.

Get perimeter gate design files


Tips for Using AVO CADdetails

  • Registration is FREE for North American design professionals.
  • Explore products by previewing images, selecting matching document listings, and downloading the design files you need in the format that works for you.
  • Preview full-size CAD drawings and 3D models, and print high-resolution GIF and PDF files before downloading. Files are available in multiple formats. Download pre-assembled collections or individual files free of charge.

Visit AVO’s CADdetails page to view our project profiles and request a quote today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]