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Fence 101

Whether you’re planning a brand-new fencing project or just trying to understand what you need to do to repair an existing fence or gate, AVO is here to answer your questions. Not finding what you want?  Contact Us directly. Are you a Contractor? We’d love to work with you – find out more here. Homeowners will find more resources on this page.

Email or fax us a drawing of the project area and we will be happy to help you figure out exactly how much of the materials you need. Please indicate which style(s) you are interested in by referencing a picture from our website or brochure. Once we establish how much fence is needed, we can offer suggestions on style, selection, and price.

We recommend asking yourself a few simple questions to narrow your search:

Will your fence be primarily for–

  • Safety? To enclose a pool or to keep children and pets safe from a busy street.
  • Decoration? To compliment a beautiful landscape or formalize an entrance to a garden or walkway.
  • Privacy? To create a space that is all your own.
  • Multiple Grades: Many of the styles that we offer are available in multiple grades, offering significant savings. Differences in grade do not affect life expectancy, but are primarily aesthetic. Any grade you get from us will still be vastly superior to the industry standard found at home centers and other retailers.
  • Decorative tops: When selecting a privacy fence, bear in mind that fences with decorative tops such as lattice or chestnut hill are more expensive than solid one piece fences.
  • Materials: Certain styles of fencing are inherently more expensive due to the materials used or the manner of construction.

AVO takes pride in our ability to offer a quality product for almost any budget. Our experienced staff will always take your special requests and budgetary needs into account while guiding you through the process.

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs!

AVO recommends:

  • Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams: Regarded as the superior choice for top coating. Available in a large variety of colors, these latex acrylic stains will add dimension and depth to your fence.
  • Hancock: Manufactured with the unique properties of cedar wood in mind. Hancock primer is formulated to prevent bleed through where many others are not.

Sikkens: Preferred choice for clear or natural stain. Try it for yourself!

For owners of a new wood fence, any signs of splitting or cracking can raise concern. It is important to understand that the wood is likely not damaged, but undergoing a natural process called “checking”. Checking results from the natural seasoning (drying out) of any piece of lumber and is often most noticeable in round pieces of timber that contain a higher ratio of heartwood (a tree’s center).

As round timber dries, the exterior sapwood shrinks faster than the interior heartwood often resulting in the development of a v-shaped check towards the center. Both laboratory and field tests have proven that this natural checking has no adverse effect on the strength of the timber.

Yes! Our cedar lumber is an excellent choice for any backyard project that requires durable, low-maintenance, chemically-free wood, including organic gardening, raised garden beds, compost bins, beehives and more.

We specialize in Northern White Cedar lumber at affordable prices. Our inventory includes pre-cut cedar for fencing, and an array of dimensional lumber suitable for many outdoor and indoor projects. We buy direct and pass the savings  onto you.

Learn more about cedar lumber. 

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