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Cedar Fencing

Cedar Fences: The Smart Wood Choice for Fencin

Cedar is a durable, decay-resistant wood that endures our northern climate better than any other species – up to 3 times better. Because cedar’s natural oils resist decay, toxic treatment is not necessary. This makes it a more environmentally-friendly fence choice, and without chemical treatments, the wood’s natural beauty shines through.

As a wood fencing choice, cedar is excellent: Its stability means minimal shrinkage, twisting, and warping compared to other woods.

Cedar Fences: Durable and Beautiful

While other woods should be painted or stained to be preserved, cedar can be left to weather to a beautiful natural hue (eventually weathering to a silky, silver gray) – making it essentially the only decorative wood fencing choice that’s virtually maintenance free.

If your outdoor décor calls for color, cedar can be painted or stained for added durability and beauty. Because cedar does not contain resins like some other wood fencing materials, paint tends to last much longer on cedar fences.

Homeowners, fence installers and landscaping contractors who select cedar wood fencing find its natural strength and beauty last for years.

Wood Fence Design: Cedar Fencing Shines

You might be surprised how versatile and beautiful cedar wood fencing, gates and outdoor structures can be. Take a look at some of our projects, then give us a call.

Why Cedar Is Your Best Wood Fence

One reason cedar wood fencing is a good choice, particularly in New England, is because of its unique composition. Its strength and durability, combined with its own natural oils, means your cedar wood fence design will stand straight and tall and remain beautiful through many winds, rains, and winter storms.

When properly installed, cedar is an excellent choice for board-on-board fences. Cedar is the wood fence material preferred by many of the contractors we work with – not only do fencing projects look good upon completion, they last well and leave homeowners pleased for the long haul.
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Yes, we offer cedar wood fencing for sale, direct to you, too! We can also help with project design questions; however, we do not install wood fencing (or vinyl). We will, however, be happy to provide a list of approved fencing contractors if you decide not to do the project on your own. Contact us online, stop in our Stoughton showroom, or our call us.

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